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No Heat and HEMA Monomer Free formulas are here!

The updated formula features a fine pigment that is well-dispersed throughout the product, ensuring there is no separation. Your clients will absolutely love the No Heat formula, which provides a  comfortable curing throughout a full curing cycle.

NailGuard formulas are ideal for any service from gel toes and manicures to salon length extensions.

The updated soft formula is so easy to work with – it melts into shape, yet won’t flood the skin and cuticle area. You will be able to sculpt and shape nails with New NailGuard more effortlessly, resulting in a smoother and more refined appearance.

 No Heat
 HEMA Monomer Free
No Pigment Separation

Elevate your nail game – get your New NailGuard today!

Size: 15ml
Color: Ideal delicate pink
Coverage: Semi opaque
Self leveling: Yes
Viscosity: Medium soft
Curing: 2 min in UV, 60 sec in LED
Removal: File off or soak off
Maintenance: Refill, no need to replace the product completely

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